Photography from the series “The Grass is Green, the Sky is Blue and She is Black“ (2017), © Parastou Forouhar.

This scientific network Entangled Histories of Art and Migration. Forms, Visibilities, Agents sets out to conduct research on the interrelationship of migration and globalization as an important phenomenon of social transformation in the 20th and 21st centuries and in its role for art historical research and artistic production. In its funding period (2018 – 2022) the network will enhance the research on migration with art-historical perspectives and methodologies in a field that has been primarily focusing on social- and political scientific as well as anthropological studies.

On our network blog, we inform about recent and upcoming network activities, including our international workshops, related projects of research, events, and publications. In doing so we wish to address interested scholars, students, and persons active in the related fields of art and migration work and who approach topics such as memory, activism, identity politics.

The network is funded by the German Research Foundation.

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